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Pattern screens.


We have to get our hold patterns right straight away for both track and time.

Patterns allows for the winds that you have entered and displays headings for inbound and outbound legs, together with an outbound timing that will give you the inbound target time you select.

Works on both Rate 1 turns for most of us and Rate ½ for the big or rich boys!

Includes separate  stopwatches for inbound and outbound.

Want to know:
cross wind on final?
leg headings for the prevailing wind on left hand or right hand circuits?
FPM descent rate for 3 degree approach?
heights for 1,2,3 nm out on QFE and QNH?

See all the information on one screen

Know what it’s like when the winds aren’t as forecast before you took off?
Now you can use your GPS or similar equipment to calculate wind direction and speed from actual readings you take.
Pattern Planner
Pattern Planner
Pattern Planner
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