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How do  get help to use the programs
We’ve tried to make the programs fairly obvious to use, but sometimes you need to understand features that you might use less often.

Behind the keyboard is a help button that provides clarification about the current screen.

The distribution CDs include manuals, which can also be downloaded here

What will your  products run on?
All our products are written for Pocket PC. We don’t have any Palm versions.

If your PDA uses Pocket PC 2003, then it’ll run straightaway. If you have an earlier version, then you’ll need to download and install .net compact framework. The download is 14mb, but it’s much smaller on your  PDA and we include it on the CD version.The file is NETCFSetup.msi in case Microsoft has moved the download link.

We also include desktop versions that function identically to the Pocket PC versions.

Why won’t my PC run the installation program?
Usually as you don’t have .net framework 1.1 installed. .net is  Microsoft’s new standard and you can download  all 24mB or again it’s on the CD. The file is dotnetfx.exe in case Microsoft has moved the download link.

This also applies if your desktop program doesn’t work.

I have a Pocket PC but don’t have a computer. How can I use your products?
Contact us with the product you want and the model of PDA: we can supply the software on a memory card if your PDA has a slot. We’ll have to buy a card so we’ll need to pass this cost onto you unless you send us one.

The calculations aren’t making any sense.
This may be because values in the boxes have been corrupted. Close the program by start-settings-system-memory-running programs and stop ‘Flight calculator’

Then use file explorer-program files-calculator to delete ‘fcdata’

Start the calculator again and it should be fixed

My Windows Calculator has disappeared
Very occasionally, some users find that the Pocket PC pocket calculator has disappeared. To restore it:

Use file explorer to go to 'my device-windows'.
Copy the calc that you find there.
Now go to 'my device-windows-start menu-programs' and paste it there.
This is the directory that drives the window when you tap start-programs.

Your calculator will now be restored.