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Comfortable with TAF codes or METAR weather codes like this?

VIDP 170900Z 171212 29008KT 3000 DU SCT030 SCT100    BECMG 18194VRB0 3KT 2000 DU      BECMG 0405 32006KT 3000 DU    TEMPO 1212 32030KT 0800 DS/ TSRA FEW030CB BKN090=

Err, right.

So where’s that? What’s the weather like? When  will it be like that?
ICAO codes, Local to UTC, TAF and METAR codes
All in one handy screen.

Use this package:
translates all ICAO airport codes.
Looks up airfield code
Decoding TAF codes and decoding METAR codes
Converts local time to UTC and UTC to local time

Take a tour of all the functions - winds aloft, TAF decode, METAR decode

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Get an ICAO TAF METAR decoder!
And it’s not nice:
TAF decode
Flightbyte codes tells you that it’s for:
Decodes ICAO code
Valid from 1800-1800 local:
Converts local time to UTC